Definition of Arabian camel in English:

Arabian camel


  • The domesticated one-humped camel, probably native to the deserts of North Africa and southwestern Asia.

    See also dromedary

    Camelus dromedarius, family Camelidae

    ‘The camel species that lives today in the Middle East and North Africa is the Arabian camel, which is thought to have been domesticated thousands of years ago.’
    • ‘Those 13, (and let me see if I can remember them), those 13 valuable wild mammals were the cow, sheep, goat, horse, pig, the reindeer, donkey, Arabian camel, Asian camel, water buffalo, yak, gaur and Bali cattle.’
    • ‘The one-humped Arabian camel, C. dromedarius, is also known as the dromedary.’
    • ‘‘And I'm sure we'll find the perfect Arabian camel for you, Jon,’ Julie retorted.’


Arabian camel

/əˈrābēən ˈkaməl/ /əˈreɪbiən ˈkæməl/