Definition of Avestan in English:


Pronunciation /əˈvestən/ /əˈvɛstən/


  • Relating to the Avesta or to the ancient Indo-Iranian language in which it is written, closely related to Vedic Sanskrit.

    • ‘Fire worship was central to the Aryans and to their Vedic and Avestan expressions, as was the tradition of the holy drink - the Vedic soma and the Avestan haoma.’


  • The Avestan language.

    ‘This blog post cites this paper in support of a particular theory of historical change from Avestan to Modern Persian.’
    • ‘Born at Liège, he entered the University there before moving to Louvain to study Sanskrit, Pli, and Avestan.’
    • ‘Old Persian and its close sister Avestan, what we have of ‘Iranian Part One’ in any real way, are early Indo-European, bristling with inflectional paradigms that barely look acquirable.’
    • ‘The Avestan yasna is equivalent to yajna, zrazda to shraddha, and kavi is common to both texts.’
    • ‘The word paradise comes from the Avestan word pairidaêza, ‘a walled garden,’ which Xenophon transliterated into Greek as paradeisos.’