Definition of Azeri in English:


Pronunciation /əˈzerē/ /əˈzɛri/


  • 1A member of a Turkic people forming the majority population of Azerbaijan, and also living in Armenia and northern Iran.

    ‘Iran has Persian-speaking populations on the central plateau, but on the peripheries are ethnic and religious minorities, including Turkic Azeris, Kurds, Lurs, Arabs, Baluch, Tajiks and Turkmen.’
    • ‘Approximately 10 million Azeris live in Iran - more than in Azerbaijan.’
    • ‘Consequently, there are today twice as many ethnic Azeris in Iran as there are in Azerbaijan, with a population of 8 million.’
    • ‘One good reason may be that the Azeris suspect that Azerbaijan's oil reserves were depleted by years of Soviet exploitation.’
    • ‘It is believed that around thirteen million Azeris live in Iran.’
  • 2The Azerbaijani language.

    ‘Today, young people have the greatest chances of getting the best jobs if they speak three languages: Azeri, Russian, and English.’
    • ‘Linguistically, it is close to Azeri, Turkish, and Uzbek.’
    • ‘Until 1926, Azeri was written in Arabic script, which then was replaced by the Latin alphabet and in 1939 by Cyrillic.’
    • ‘Because Azerbaijan is a former Soviet Republic, most people older than 20 speak both the native tongue, Azeri, and Russian.’
    • ‘Needless to say it declines to broadcast in Hebrew, even though it does broadcast in the languages of other small nations: Slovene and Slovak, Macedonian and Albanian, Azeri and Uzbek, Kazakh and Kyrgyz, and so on.’


  • Relating to the Azeris or their language.

    ‘But the consortium of oil companies, called Azerbaijan International Operating Company, claimed that they paid Azeri leaders for the same block $400 million in bonuses.’
    • ‘Islam remains an integral part of Azeri identity.’
    • ‘In the absence of Kazak oil the commercial viability of Baku-Jeyhan will continue to rest solely on the availability of additional Azeri oil.’
    • ‘Locals queued to fill up with spring water; it was refreshingly cool and free of the metallic tang that taints most Azeri aquifers and pipes.’
    • ‘The Pentagon is talking with Azeri officials about the possible use of bases for U.S. operations.’


From Turkish azerî.