Definition of Babbitt in English:



dated mainly North American
  • A materialistic, complacent, and conformist businessman.

    ‘I think she believed it would liberate the American imagination, and teach the googly-eyed Babbitts who beheld the pictures that sex was something more than they believed it was.’
    • ‘Such expectations are contrary to basic principles of academic freedom and will contribute to a college or university ‘replete with genial Babbitts.’’
    • ‘People who don't live in New York, Hollywood, or divide their time between Virginia, Hyannis Port, or Nantucket estates and their Georgetown mansions view the rest of us as Babbitts.’
    • ‘It may have amused him to have at one stroke enraged liberals and fellow-travellers, Trotskyists, Stalinists and Stalinoids, not to mention conservative Babbitts.’



/ˈbabət/ /ˈbæbət/


From the name George Babbitt, the protagonist of the novel Babbitt (1922) by Sinclair Lewis.