Definition of Bircher in English:



  • A member or supporter of the John Birch Society, a conservative anticommunist American organization founded in 1958.

    ‘Beinart is bravely trying to do for liberalism what another magazine editor - the National Review's William Buckley - did for conservatism by excommunicating the Birchers from the conservative movement.’
    • ‘But Buckley's task was easier than Beinart's will be because the Birchers were never remotely as central to the Republican base as the Moore-MoveOn faction is to the Democratic base.’
    • ‘William F. Buckley and other mainstream conservatives spent years isolating and discrediting the Birchers.’
    • ‘The Birchers wanted to destroy both social security and the UN back in 1962.’
    • ‘But Moore is a hero to the Birchers because of views that are not expressed in the book.’



/ˈbərCHər/ /ˈbərtʃər/


From the name of John Birch, a USAF officer and ‘first casualty of the Cold War’, killed by Chinese communists in 1945.