Definition of Blue Book in English:

Blue Book


  • 1

    (also Kelley Blue Book)
    Trademark A reference book listing the prices of used cars.

    ‘On the buying side, I would make sure you check the Blue Book for private party sales.’
    • ‘Go check the "blue book" was once the mantra for anyone selling or buying a used car.’
    • ‘Since 1926, new and used car buyers and sellers have relied upon Kelley Blue Book for authoritative and unbiased information to make well-informed car, truck and SUV buying decisions.’
  • 2 historical (in the US) an official book listing government officials.

    ‘It also has lists government offices and administrative bodies and is a useful supplement to the Blue Book.’
    • ‘The biographical data on assemblymen has been compiled from the California Blue Book for the years 1893-1911.’
    • ‘One of the many books we receive at the newspaper office is the Mississippi Blue Book, the official and statistical register for our great state.’
  • 3(in the UK) a report bound in a blue cover and issued by Parliament or the Privy Council.

    ‘Much of it, and that often the most revealing and significant is not what appears in… speeches, reports, and blue books.’
    • ‘Sources said yesterday that no precise forecasts would be made until after the publication of the so-called blue book, which will revise growth figures back to 1994.’
    • ‘One has to assume, does one not, that in certifying the agreement, the Commission proceeded on the basis of, is it section 89 in the blue book - I am lost again - section 89?’
    • ‘According to the draft, the new blue book highlights the importance Japan attaches to civil societies.’
  • 4blue bookUS A blank book used for written examinations in high school and college.

    ‘Please open your blue books and write at least 300 words on this theme: According to Pablo Picasso good art is created, but great art is stolen.’
    • ‘They have an irritating habit of writing, in the margins of blue books, ‘Where is the argument?’’
    • ‘The cards and their wrappers ought to be manufactured with 100 percent recycled blue books and undergraduate student papers.’
    • ‘Since the normal expected time was three blue books per hour, Sidney was suspicious of a slovenly job.’
    • ‘The assessment of writing no longer means only grading papers or getting some clerical employee to hand out blue books and machine-scorable pamphlets and answer sheets.’


Blue Book

/ˈblo͞o ˈˌbo͝ok/ /ˈblu ˈˌbʊk/