Definition of Boston ivy in English:

Boston ivy


  • A Virginia creeper with three-lobed leaves, which is cultivated for its foliage.

    Parthenocissus tricuspidata, family Vitaceae

    ‘Wisteria and clematis vines cover the arbors, while Boston ivy and trumpet vines link the two levels.’
    • ‘Climbers with clinging rootlets along the stems (climbing hydrangea, English ivy, creeping fig) or disc-shaped holdfasts (Virginia creeper, Boston ivy) can damage old, crumbly mortar or loose stucco.’
    • ‘About half a century ago, a tiny Boston ivy appeared in the dusty space below the neighboring home and began to climb and proliferate.’
    • ‘The exterior walls of the house are also home to crawling Boston ivy.’
    • ‘Boston Ivy can easily climb tree bark, wooden fences, concrete masonry, and brick or stone walls.’


Boston ivy

/ˈbôstən/ /ˈbɔstən/ /ˈbästən ˈīvē/ /ˈbɑstən ˈaɪvi/