Definition of CD-R in English:



trademark in US
  • A blank compact disc which can be recorded on once only.

    ‘Many wise men thought our problems were solved with the advent of the CD-R aka recordable compact disc.’
    • ‘CD burning software developer Optima Technology has sued rival Roxio and threatened any other company that allows users to record information onto a CD-R.’
    • ‘A CD-R or a DVD may last 100 years, although we don't really know for sure.’
    • ‘It backs up to CD-R or recordable DVD, utilizes compression to save space and keeps detailed logs of what it does.’
    • ‘Thumb drives have virtually replaced floppy diskettes - even the CD-R.’
    • ‘These will come with 256Mb RAM, 80GB hard drive and CD-R and DVD drives.’
    • ‘Addonics quotes a typical duplication time for a full CD-R of 12 minutes, and 40 minutes for DVD-R or DVD + R discs.’
    • ‘SafeAudio ensures that files copied this way still contain the data corruption, which then prevents them being copied again - back to a CD-R, say.’
    • ‘Essentially, if you try to copy a Cactus-protected CD, you end up with a CD-R full not of music, but of noise.’
    • ‘Accompanying the CD-R is a set of proof pages that the printer can use to make sure that the magazine that is being printed matches the sample pages.’
    • ‘If you choose to send me a CD-R or CD-RW disc with data on it, we'll be able to play it back on any of these devices.’
    • ‘Restores are performed in the same way from a CD-R / RW or CD-ROM drive.’
    • ‘The fact is, if your video is valuable enough to be put on a CD-R or CD-RW disc, the real issue is whether the disc can be trusted - not how much it costs.’
    • ‘Which is why a 650MB CD-R holds just over an hour's worth of music.’
    • ‘But you have to ‘finalize’ a CD-R before it can be read in any drive other than the one that recorded it.’
    • ‘It squeezes all your files onto your CD-Rs, and it restores them again if necessary.’
    • ‘I reburned the same data at 48x, which is the rated speed of the CD-R, but was met with the same problem with the AOpen.’
    • ‘We received a CD-R with drivers, and a product sheet, but no manual or rear IO shield.’
    • ‘I had a similar situation with my own CD-R and was getting errors until I put an extra fan in to cool it.’
    • ‘The only thing approaching a standard to compare with the floppy is the CD-R which is an inconvenient form factor and scores low on ease of use.’



/sēːdēːˈäːr/ /siːdiːˈɑːr/


1980s abbreviation of compact disc recordable.