Definition of Castroism in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkastrəˌwizəm/ /ˈkæstrəˌwɪzəm/


  • The political principles or actions of Fidel Castro or his adherents or imitators.

    ‘And at all times let's educate ourselves and others to understand that Castroism is capable of both.’
    • ‘It is therefore not simply Castroism but also post-Castroism that currently court disaster.’
    • ‘These sanctions will not bring an end to Castroism, but will merely cause more antagonism.’
    • ‘But between 1979-1983, the SWP abandoned Trotskyism for Castroism and most of the Trotskyists were expelled.’
    • ‘In the sixties, he wrote several articles denouncing Castroism and Cheism, and even threw some members of the Internationalists out of that organization for their ‘pro-Castro stance’.’
    • ‘During almost 40 years, Castroism, lacking a practical and formal vocabulary, used the most improbable epithets to discredit its political opponents.’
    • ‘Though Castroism has caused fewer factions in Communism than the other currents, Fidel remains an important influence and a hero to many of the world's youth.’
    • ‘Ultimately, regardless of the name of Fidel's successor, Castroism will be gone.’