Definition of Chagas' disease in English:

Chagas' disease


  • A disease caused by trypanosomes transmitted by bloodsucking bugs, endemic in South America and causing damage to the heart and central nervous system.

    ‘The medical aid agency specifically asked them for the overall resources devoted to malaria, tuberculosis, sleeping sickness, Chagas' disease, and leishmaniasis.’
    • ‘Why have these partnerships ignored the most neglected diseases, such as kala-azar, Chagas' disease, and sleeping sickness?’
    • ‘The DNDi is determined to make available a handful of drugs for diseases like sleeping sickness, Chagas' disease and leishmaniasis.’
    • ‘Of the three major transfusion-transmitted diseases, babesiosis and Chagas' disease pose the greatest threat to donors in the U.S.’
    • ‘‘Our mission is to develop new, improved, and field-relevant drugs for neglected diseases, such as leishmaniasis, human African trypanosomiasis, and Chagas' disease,’ explains Pécoul.’
    • ‘We value the study of adenine, thymine, cytosine, and guanine far above the study of childhood diarrhoea, Chagas' disease, community health, and patients' decision making.’
    • ‘In 1835 Darwin had recorded in his diary that he was bitten by the ‘Benchuca [vinchuca] bug… called the great black bug of the Pampas,’ a vector of the parasitic trypanosome that causes Chagas' disease.’
    • ‘In third-World countries, infections such as the insect-transmitted trypanosomal Chagas' disease are among the main causes of heart failure.’
    • ‘For parasitic agents such as those that cause Chagas' disease or babesiosis, there are no serologie tests available.’
    • ‘Would we be having this debate if the research showed promise to cure Chagas' disease and sleeping sickness?’
    • ‘The disease-carrying insect, Rhodnius prolixus, spreads Chagas' disease, caused by the parasite Trypanosoma cruzi, which is carried by the insect.’
    • ‘Not until 1959 did Saul Adler, an Israeli parasitologist, suggest that Darwin's illness was Chagas' disease.’
    • ‘Trypanosomes are unicellular protists and human pathogens responsible for African sleeping sickness and Chagas' disease.’
    • ‘Manuel came to the clinic (set up in the Sisters' convent) with a note from a doctor and laboratory results attesting that he had Chagas' disease.’
    • ‘And parasites unable to transmit Chagas' disease are being engineered.’
    • ‘Coincidentally, Chagas's father was the physician who discovered the parasitic malady that some suspect Darwin contracted in South America, now known as Chagas' disease.’
    • ‘The electricity went off for the night, leaving us to the music of charangos and to a crawling and nipping in my bed - which I hoped was fleas, not vinchuca beetles, carriers of fatal Chagas' disease.’
    • ‘Wigglesworth began his studies on another vinchuca vector of Chagas' disease, Rhodnius prolixus, in the 1920s, and became the first to study its response to heat.’
    • ‘Money for fighting Chagas' disease is tight: although it may count Charles Darwin among its illustrious victims, the disease, Flores notes, has been mostly an affliction of the poor.’


Chagas' disease

/ˈSHäɡəs dəˌzēz/ /ˈʃɑɡəs dəˌziz/ /ˈSHäɡəs diˌzēz/ /ˈʃɑɡəs dɪˌziz/


Early 20th century named after Carlos Chagas (1879–1934), the Brazilian physician who first described it.