Definition of Chevy in English:


nounplural noun chevys

  • A Chevrolet car.

    • ‘a huge, shiny Chevvy with tail fins and white wall tires’
    • ‘Everyone remembers vintage Chevys that people still look at and say, ‘wow!’’
    • ‘We were looking at trucks that looked very much like Chevys and Fords at the time.’
    • ‘Spoilers are excellent accessories that can also bring new life into your Chevy.’
    • ‘Leave a CD on the black dashboard of your parked Chevy in the summertime, and you'll know what I mean.’
    • ‘Five of us are piled into two vans, a Chevvy and a big Oldsmobile.’
    • ‘People getting out of limos are forced to mingle with the guys driving Chevys.’
    • ‘She asks Willy if the Chevy drives well and he claims it is the greatest car ever built.’
    • ‘Take the bucket seat out of your old Chevy, put it on a wood frame in the middle of a field and sit in it.’
    • ‘We were both quiet as I drove him to his beat-up Chevy parked by the stables.’
    • ‘He'd spent the entire day thinking that he was driving the Chevy he owned when his sons were in high school.’
    • ‘At the time of the band's first concert, they got into a Chevy to drive to the venue.’
    • ‘I feel like a '57 Chevy at the mercy of some greasy auto mechanic who needs some extra cash.’
    • ‘Sharon pulled her gray wool coat tighter and walked across the gravel parking lot to her rusting Chevy.’
    • ‘That's when he noticed that the keys to the Chevy were actually in the ignition.’
    • ‘You won't be seeing anything but Chevys in my driveway, thank you.’
    • ‘You can't ask how people categorize Chevys and Fords in rural Guatemala because they don't have Chevys and Fords.’
    • ‘‘I was a Ford fan back then, and I hated Chevys,’ he recalled.’
    • ‘Last season at Vegas, two Chevys finished in the top 15.’
    • ‘It's a quiet town where dogs sleep in the shade and kids cruise the cobblestone streets in low-slung Chevys.’
    • ‘As a result, the Chevys had less grip on the track and therefore didn't handle as well.’



/ˈSHevē/ /ˈʃɛvi/