Definition of Chinese chives in English:

Chinese chives

plural noun

  • An Asian relative of chives, with a flavor like that of garlic.

    Also called garlic chives

    Allium tuberosum, family Liliaceae (or Alliaceae)

    ‘Also known as Chinese chives or gow choy, garlic chives are native to eastern Asia and are as hardy and easy to grow as regular chives.’
    • ‘Although I'm not a huge scallop fan, I was very partial to the wok-fried scallops with Chinese chives in a light garlic sauce.’
    • ‘In the Shaanxi snack counter, the various dumplings jiaozi look appetizing with their plump stuffings of Chinese chives, cabbage, celery or mutton.’
    • ‘A typical filling would include pork and shrimp and various herbs of the kind favoured by the Vietnamese (e.g. coriander, Chinese chives, and mint).’