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proper noun

  • 1A river in northwestern North America that rises in the Rocky Mountains of southeastern British Columbia, Canada, and flows for 1,230 miles (1,953 km), first south into the US and then west to enter the Pacific Ocean south of Seattle.

  • 2The capital of South Carolina, in the central part of the state; population 127,029 (est. 2008).

  • 3A residential community in central Maryland, between Baltimore and Washington, DC, planned and established in the 1960s; population 88,254 (2000).

  • 4A city in central Missouri, home to the University of Missouri; population 100,733 (est. 2008).

  • 5A city in west central Tennessee, on the Tennessee River, southwest of Nashville; population 34,402 (est. 2008).



/kəˈləmbēə/ /kəˈləmbiə/