Definition of Concord grape in English:

Concord grape


  • A cultivated variety of fox grape, used to make wine, juice, and jellies.

    ‘You'll get a glassful of heart and brain benefits from either French red wine or American Concord grape juice.’
    • ‘We know that, along with the blueberry and the Concord grape, cranberries are a native North American crop.’
    • ‘It had the roundness of a Concord grape Grandpa took off his vine and gave me to suck out of its skin and swallow whole, in Ohio.’
    • ‘Unlike citrus, Concord grape was expected to be less tolerant of soil moisture and high temperatures but more tolerant of lower temperatures.’
    • ‘A special niche in New York is the production of sweet kosher wine from the Concord grape, as well as dry kosher table wines from other grape varieties.’