Definition of Conestoga wagon in English:

Conestoga wagon


historical North American
  • A large covered wagon used for long-distance travel, typically carrying pioneers in the westward migration.

    ‘An 1895 trap carriage and a Conestoga wagon on a short stretch of plank road bracket a homemade airplane.’
    • ‘We no longer need bur oak groves to act as safety nets for Conestoga wagons heading west.’
    • ‘There were primitives, like a neat stair saw dated 1808, a Conestoga wagon jack, and the earliest lawn mower ever.’
    • ‘What you need is a smaller version of the old Conestoga wagon.’
    • ‘Along the eastern seaboard of what is now the United States carting provided the most common form of transport, as the development of the Conestoga wagon attested.’


Conestoga wagon

/ˌkänəˈstōɡə ˌwaɡən/ /ˌkɑnəˈstoʊɡə ˌwæɡən/


Early 18th century named after Conestoga, a town in Pennsylvania, US.