Definition of Cushing's disease in English:

Cushing's disease


  • Cushing's syndrome as caused by a tumor of the pituitary gland.

    ‘The pituitary gland tumors in Cushing's disease aren't usually cancerous.’
    • ‘Cranial nerve II may be affected by enlarging pituitary adenomas in Cushing's disease; cranial nerves III, IV and VI may also be affected.’
    • ‘Endocrine causes of acne include Cushing's disease or syndrome, polycystic ovary syndrome, and congenital adrenal hyperplasia.’
    • ‘It is also important to inquire about symptoms of systemic diseases, including hypothyroidism and Cushing's disease.’
    • ‘The directed physical examination also focuses on possible causes of secondary hypertension, such as renovascular disease, heart failure, and Cushing's disease.’
    • ‘Neurologic and endocrine diseases, such as hyperthyroidism and Cushing's disease, are the most frequently cited medical causes of anxiety.’
    • ‘The most common disorder noted was hypercalciuria, followed by malabsorption, hyperparathyroidism, vitamin D deficiency, exogenous hyperthyroidism, Cushing's disease, and hypocalciuric hypercalcemia.’
    • ‘In females with severe acne, consider polycystic ovarian disease, ‘congenital’ adrenal hyperplasia, or Cushing's disease.’
    • ‘Subsequent case reports have further emphasized the frequency of bacterial infections in Cushing's disease.’
    • ‘Other endocrine abnormalities such as hypothyroidism and Cushing's disease may lead to short stature, as can a variety of genetic disorders, including chromosomal, metabolic, and single gene disorders.’
    • ‘A 35 percent increase in the ACTH level at 15 and 30 minutes after corticotropin administration is reported to be 93 percent sensitive and 100 percent specific for Cushing's disease.’
    • ‘My stepdaughter was recently diagnosed with Cushing's disease and had the surgery to remove a pituitary gland tumour.’
    • ‘Every medical student soon learns that a ‘butterfly rash’ is diagnostic of Systematic Lupus Erythematosus and a ‘moon-shaped face’ is a hallmark of Cushing's disease.’
    • ‘When he was about 10, Casey developed Cushing's disease, which required regular medication that was akin to chemotherapy.’
    • ‘The latter condition, recently described has been called obesity related laminitis or peripheral Cushing's disease.’


Cushing's disease

/ˈko͝oSHiNGz dəˌzēz/ /ˈkʊʃɪŋz dəˌziz/