Definition of Diplopoda in English:


plural noun

  • A class of myriapod arthropods that comprises the millipedes.

    ‘This arthropod subphylum includes the Chilopoda, the Diplopoda, the Pauropoda, and the Symphyla.’
    • ‘Less frequently they will also eat Diplopoda, Araneae, snails, crabs, tree frogs, lizards and fish (Actinopterygii).’
    • ‘Scudder considered Archipolypoda to represent the ‘prototypes’ of Diplopoda and possibly also Pauropoda.’
    • ‘The millipedes described herein, aside from being representatives of a group that has an extremely limited fossil record outside of a few key Upper Carboniferous Lagerstatten, make an important contribution to the study of Diplopoda.’
    • ‘The goal was to understand better pleurojulid trunk-ring architecture and to document character states for use in formulating hypotheses about the phylogenetic position of pleurojulids within Diplopoda.’



/dipləˈpōdə/ /dɪpləˈpoʊdə/


Modern Latin (plural), from Greek diploos ‘double’ + pous, pod- ‘foot’.