Definition of Disneyland in English:



  • 1A theme park in Anaheim, California, that opened in 1955.

    ‘Zhu Yilin, vice-governor of Chongming County, has said the county government was ‘actively negotiating with the Shanghai government for a large theme park project, such as a Disneyland.’’
    • ‘One keeps getting the feeling you are walking around a Disneyland Park.’
    • ‘We could pool in for a Disneyland trip with all of us, her birthday is next week.’
    • ‘Last week, the Hong Kong Economic Times broke the story that Disney had signed a memorandum of understanding with the Shanghai municipal government to build a Disneyland in Shanghai.’
    • ‘Last week, a man died on a Disneyland roller coaster after being struck in the chest by an unknown object.’


    From Walt Disney.

    1. 1.1A large, bustling place filled with colorful attractions.
      ‘With all love and deference to my friends who are flying into NYC to walk under the saffron pleats, I find ‘The Gates’ a Disneyland for a cultural elite.’
      • ‘Opening today, StalinWorld is surely the sickest and most tasteless theme park on earth - Alton Towers with genocide; a Disneyland of mass murder, deportations and torture.’
    2. 1.2A place of fantasy or make-believe.
      ‘their own think tank, their own Disneyland of future ideas’
      • ‘Disneyland conceptions of defense which have no genuine relevance’
      • ‘But if these people think that getting rid of the needle exchange is going to turn Hollywood into a Disneyland with no homeless people or poverty, they're dreaming.’
      • ‘I have no wish to live in some Disneyland of the mind and spirit, some Nirvana of utter null completeness.’
      • ‘Today, Britain is the fourth largest contributor to this Disneyland of corruption.’
      • ‘The closest comparison that occurs to me, pace Tyler, is of Europe as a Disneyland or SeaWorld.’
      • ‘Replaced, by a Disneyland of monsters and horrors.’
      • ‘But a Disneyland syndrome affects other suburbs.’
      • ‘‘I always thought,’ she said, ‘of America as some sort of a Disneyland, innocent, naïve, childlike, a place that didn't have all the scars that we have.’’



/ˈdiznēˌland/ /ˈdɪzniˌlænd/