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Pronunciation /dəˈrädō/ /dəˈrɑdoʊ/

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  • 1

    another term for mahimahi

    ‘At night we feasted on flesh fish caught off the coast like Wahoo, mahi-mahi, dorado, blue fin and swordfish mixed with rice and black beans.’
    • ‘They also go after sunfish, marlin, and dorado, as well as manta rays (the largest of all the rays, these can weigh up to one and a half tons).’
    • ‘We've seen a few dorado (aka mahimahi) skipping over the waves.’
    • ‘At the end of the fishing, we had well over 20 yellow fin, up to 30 lb, a couple of bonito, and a dorado, so I was extremely pleased.’
    • ‘We learn how to catch flying fish, and that a dorado in its death-throes flashes different colours in rapid succession.’
  • 2A South American freshwater fish with a golden body and red fins, popular as a game fish.

    Salminus maxillosus, family Characidae


Early 17th century from Spanish, literally ‘gilded’, from late Latin deauratus, from deaurare ‘to gild over’ (see also dory).

Main definitions of Dorado in English

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(also Doradus)

Pronunciation /dəˈrädō/ /dəˈrɑdoʊ/

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proper noun

  • A southern constellation (the Goldfish), containing most of the Large Magellanic Cloud.


  • postpositive Used with preceding letter or numeral to designate a star in the Dorado constellation.

    • ‘the star R Doradus’


Spanish (see dorado). Doradus is a Latin genitive form of Dorado.