Definition of Ecce Homo in English:

Ecce Homo


  • A painting of Jesus Christ wearing the crown of thorns.

    ‘a fine Ecce Homo by Murillo’
    • ‘The fourth painting, an Ecce Homo - probably the one that was commissioned by the Cardinal de Lorraine between 1558 and 1561, cannot now be traced.’
    • ‘This was followed by an Ecce Homo for a chapel where he collaborated with the sculptor Giovanni d' Enrico, whose terracotta figures are fully integrated with the illusionistic space created by the frescoes.’
    • ‘Here is an ‘Ecce Homo’, by Caravaggio from about 1606.’


Ecce Homo

/ˈˌeCHā ˈhōˌmō/ /ˈˌɛtʃeɪ ˈhoʊˌmoʊ/ /ˌeCHə ˈhōˌmō/ /ˌɛtʃə ˈhoʊˌmoʊ/


Latin, ‘behold the man’, the words of Pontius Pilate to the Jews after Jesus was crowned with thorns (John 19:5).