Definition of Egyptian vulture in English:

Egyptian vulture


  • A small white vulture with black wing tips, common in much of southern Eurasia and Africa.

    Neophron percnopterus, family Accipitridae

    ‘The Fuji World of Hawks show starred Angel and Hawkeye, two Harris hawks, a gorgeous Malayan fish owl, a lagger falcon, red-tailed hawks, brahminy kites, a sea eagle, an Egyptian vulture, black Andean vultures and even adjutant storks.’
    • ‘Animal and human excrement are also significant parts of the diets of a few species, including Egyptian vultures and hooded vultures.’
    • ‘It draws kestrels, gray herons, falcons, and, for your life-list, occasional rare purple herons, Egyptian vultures, and oystercatchers.’
    • ‘On this 13-day tour you'll see imperial eagles, Egyptian vultures and Dalmatian pelicans, plus frescoed monasteries, Roman ruins and the monuments of the Thracian horsemen.’
    • ‘The Egyptian vulture, not content with rotten meat, also consumes cow and sheep feces.’


Egyptian vulture

/əˈjipSHən ˈvəlCHər/ /əˈdʒɪpʃən ˈvəltʃər/