Definition of Eiswein in English:


nounplural noun Eisweine/-ˌvīnə/ , plural noun Eisweins

  • Wine made from ripe grapes picked while covered with frost.

    ‘Even in relatively gentle winters there are usually a few very cold nights to make possible the gathering of frozen Riesling grapes for Eiswein.’
    • ‘Given the labour that is involved in making Eiswein, this is a real find at £8.49.’
    • ‘In the Blue Nun range itself, the Riesling Eiswein is considered the ultimate in quality and refinement.’
    • ‘Some Eisweins sweeter than Sherry, but this is still as close to liquid raisins as it gets.’
    • ‘German and Austrian Eiswein operates on much the same concentrating principle, with frozen grapes being crushed so that the ice or water content of the grape is separated from the concentrated pulp.’



/ˈīsvīn/ /ˈaɪsvaɪn/


From German, from Eis ‘ice’ + Wein ‘wine’.