Definition of Equal Rights Amendment in English:

Equal Rights Amendment


(also ERA)
  • A proposed amendment to the US Constitution stating that civil rights may not be denied on the basis of one's sex.

    ‘In 1923, and every year since, an Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution has been fought for - and against - in Congress, but remains three states short of ratification.’
    • ‘For example, the US's pitch for an Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution would have guaranteed women legal equality but fell flat in 1982 when not enough states ratified the proposal.’
    • ‘The Connecticut Constitution, unlike the federal Constitution, includes an Equal Rights Amendment.’
    • ‘Somewhere along the way, that Constitution has come to enshrine an Equal Rights Amendment that fizzled in the constitutionally envisioned amendment process.’
    • ‘The proposals for an Equal Rights Amendment in 1972 had an initial time limit; this was then extended.’