Definition of Frankenfood in English:



informal, derogatory
  • Genetically modified food.

    • ‘a cornucopia of pesticide-laden monocrops and lab-engineered Frankenfoods’
    • ‘National furor over Frankenfood resulted in the healthiest, yet most sickly produce you can imagine: tomatoes the size of grapes, spotty Granny Smiths you can down in two bites, and you don't even want to know from the greens.’
    • ‘Some of the first campaigners against genetically modified foods staked their case on the chance that something truly shocking would result from the new crop strains - some Frankenfood would poison or sterilize or mutate us all.’
    • ‘But there's such a battle and a difference of opinion in the way Europe looks at this, Frankenfood, and the way the U.S. looks at this, basically acceptance.’
    • ‘For the last five years, Europeans have banned what some call Frankenfood.’
    • ‘Biotech foods, genetically engineered foods, genetically modified foods and Frankenfoods are names for the scientifically created foods that we are all eating today.’
    • ‘It then sells these Frankenfoods to us without labeling them, meaning we can't decide for ourselves whether we want our families to be their guinea pigs.’
    • ‘For the promise to be fully realized, though, the agriculture industry must figure out how to prevent what critics call Frankenfoods from wreaking havoc on the natural food chain.’
    • ‘And there's been no shortage of heartily abusive bio-rhetoric coined - Frankenfoods, Organ Farms, killer tomatoes and all - to keep us singing from the Luddite songsheet for some time to come.’
    • ‘Nineteen percent of the U.S. corn, 14 million acres, is now genetically engineered, although GE acreage is down 30 percent from two years ago, mainly due to global resistance against Frankenfoods.’
    • ‘They've done this without testing for its longterm impacts on our health and environment, then rushed their products to market without informing the public or even labeling these Frankenfoods.’
    • ‘How much do you think the resistance to this sort of technology, you know, the public resistance to what are called Frankenfoods is likely to inhibit that sort of progress?’
    • ‘In Britain, the anti-GE lobby's infamous Frankenfoods campaign is still resonating with the public.’



/ˈfraNGkənˌfo͞od/ /ˈfræŋkənˌfud/


1990s from Franken-+ food.