Definition of Franklin stove in English:

Franklin stove


North American
  • A cast-iron stove for heating a room, resembling an open fireplace in shape.

    ‘Once I lived in rural New York in a farmhouse built in 1842 with two Franklin stoves for heat.’
    • ‘You don't see anyone still raving about Model As or Franklin stoves.’
    • ‘Seated in front of the Franklin stove in the hand-hewn log cabin in which he writes, Will Davis Campbell appears more like a friendly grandfather than the touchstone of public opinion on race and religion in the South.’
    • ‘It started about a month ago when she heard scratching sounds from the chimney that leads to her old Franklin stove.’
    • ‘The lounge area includes a stone fireplace with solid fuel Franklin stove, antique pine wall panelling, Gothic stone window insets, tiled and wooden floors and recessed lights.’
    • ‘Even Benjamin Franklin's famous Franklin stove of the 1740s, while efficient, had not been widely adopted.’
    • ‘Then our boy started a cozy fire in Wendy's Franklin stove using all the existing drafts and notes for her doctoral dissertation.’
    • ‘Improving on an existing design, the Franklin stove had a flue around which room air could circulate.’
    • ‘Plates for Franklin stoves remain in two fireplaces in the house today, although the stoves have disappeared.’
    • ‘It features a king-size bed, a Franklin stove and a private bathroom with a tub and shower.’
    • ‘Early Colonial Homes and Federal-style homes employ the Franklin stove in living rooms, great rooms and libraries.’
    • ‘Franklin invented the lightning rod, bifocals, the Franklin stove, and an artificial arm.’
    • ‘I have 3 Ben Franklin stoves with ventless logs in them and have burning them for 4 years now.’
    • ‘That same year he studied methods of decreasing the amount of smoke emitted by chimneys and developed the Franklin stove that emitted more heat with less fuel.’
    • ‘We also sell Franklin stoves which are very wide, have folding double doors and look very good in a farmhouse setting or an inglenook fireplace.’
    • ‘By the 1830's, the cast-iron stoves that were to be much more widely used than Franklin stoves began to replace fireplaces.’
    • ‘He refused to patent the Franklin stove and the lightning rod because he thought more people would benefit from the inventions if he did not patent them.’
    • ‘Back in the 1970s, only Potbelly stoves, Franklin stoves and barrel stoves existed.’
    • ‘And, while you're here, stop by one of the two heated warming shelters where you'll find Franklin stoves, picnic tables and an ample supply of firewood.’
    • ‘The Franklin stoves were made to fit into fireplaces, some of which are still preserved and bear the inscription ‘McPherson and Brien, Catoctin Furnace.’’


Franklin stove

/ˈfraNGklən stōv/ /ˈfræŋklən stoʊv/


Late 18th century named after B. Franklin (see Franklin, Benjamin).