Definition of Gen X in English:

Gen X


  • short for Generation X

    ‘Gen X entered a slow job market with a mountain of debt’
    • ‘Gen X certainly isn't the first generation to suffer setbacks.’
    • ‘I grew up in the 70's, slipping through the gap between baby boomers and gen X.’
    • ‘Add the recession of the '80s and the grunge music explosion in Seattle, and the result is Gen X's initial slacker image.’
    • ‘Squeezed between unclear definitions of Gen Y and Gen X, these poor souls have suffered an identity crisis in popular and marketing culture.’
    • ‘During the 1970s, when Gen X was growing up, that all started to change.’
    • ‘Part of being Gen X is not wanting to be an employee, wanting to be the boss.’
    • ‘Of course, Gen X's prosperity was heightened, in large part, by a boom economy.’
    • ‘The distance between early boomers and the later, punk end of the generation may be as vast as between Boomers and Gen X.’
    • ‘Some brands that Gen X helped popularize are beginning to adjust their marketing to reflect this new stage in their customers' lives.’
    • ‘For Gen X, and for American society overall, the family ideal is in transition.’
    • ‘Gen X's common experience is a merry-go-round of political disillusionment, technological achievements and media exposure.’
    • ‘While Boomers are anxious about their shrunken retirement savings and how to unload their overvalued house, Gen X has other concerns.’
    • ‘"The media is often slow to pay attention to Gen X, because of their small number, but they're often trend and opinion leaders," Lancaster says.’
    • ‘If you're older, this book will give you a real insight into how Gen X think and operate.’