Definition of Golden Delicious in English:

Golden Delicious

Pronunciation /ˈɡoʊldən dəˈlɪʃəs/


  • A widely grown dessert apple of a greenish-yellow, soft-fleshed variety.

    ‘By poisoning a Golden Delicious Apple, she will don a disguise and sell the apple which Snow White will eat, and as soon as the apple touches her lips, she will fall instantly in a sleep of death.’
    • ‘Fresh asparagus, says Ronda, when you bite into it, should make a noise like biting into a Golden Delicious.’
    • ‘Every single Golden Delicious (or Cox's Orange Pippin or Dumelow's Wellington) is in a sense grown from the ‘same’ tree as every other Golden Delicious, John says.’
    • ‘South African Goldens are the sweetest Golden Delicious that you can buy.’
    • ‘Golden Delicious is another apple that's good for all purposes.’