Definition of Granny Smith in English:

Granny Smith

Pronunciation /ˌɡræni ˈsmɪθ/


  • A dessert apple of a bright green variety with crisp sharp-flavored flesh, originating in Australia.

    ‘I like this wine because of its acidity - it has the tartness of a Granny Smith apple, with a long, lingering acidity on the finish.’
    • ‘Do you enjoy the sweet, supple, and crisp taste of a Granny Smith?’
    • ‘Instead of munching on wholesome Granny Smiths, settlers depended on the alcoholic cider as an important part of their diets and a reliable source of hydration as they moved west.’
    • ‘I tend to use Granny Smiths or a similarly tart apple.’
    • ‘Also note, this will only be but to a certain point as people will soon switch to Coxes as the Granny Smiths become too expensive as these are a close substitute.’
    • ‘Add the onion, yellow bell pepper, celery root, jalapeno pepper, Granny Smiths, and sultanas and sauté until tender, about five minutes.’
    • ‘I am generally fond of Granny Smiths only, but this is some sort of red variety and quite palatable.’
    • ‘It's true - I still don't like to eat raw apples very much, except very sharp crisp varieties like a Granny Smith.’
    • ‘‘Even the apples have designer labels,’ he quipped, tossing one in the air which was labelled with a Granny Smith sticker.’
    • ‘At Brown University, dining hall purchasers started swapping Granny Smiths and Red Delicious for locally grown Macouns and Pippins.’
    • ‘She sighed heavily and reached for a Granny Smith apple and a knife, then began peeling it and cutting it into pieces.’
    • ‘There's a token gesture towards diversity - Granny Smiths and the odd box of Cox's - but little attempt to offer any of the dozens of different varieties of apples grown within our own shores.’
    • ‘These are almost always small, but we have to be cautious to compare apples with apples and even more particularly Granny Smiths with Granny Smiths.’
    • ‘His waiting staff are lined up for lunch service when we pass, and he pounces on one hapless soul and demolishes him with the crispness of a crocodile crunching a Granny Smith.’
    • ‘It was a fully-themed apple extravaganza, with Granny Smiths and Pacific Roses on top.’
    • ‘I had ended up with two large bottles of water, four Granny Smiths, a loaf of granary bread and a jar of lemon curd.’
    • ‘BRAEBURN - A spicy-sweet variety that is wonderful when combined with tart Granny Smiths in a pie or cobbler.’
    • ‘They're a bit tart, a bit sweet, firm, and flavorful - better even than decent apples like Galas, Fujis, Breaburns, Macintoshes, Pippins, and Granny Smiths, and far better than those Golden Delicious / Red Delicious abominations.’
    • ‘As I sit here back at home from my sojourn to Vancouver, chowing on slices of a Granny Smith while an apple pie bakes in the oven, I think to myself: Apples are the perfect fruit.’
    • ‘Top a piece of toasted nut bread with an ounce of low-fat cheese and slices of a Granny Smith apple.’


Late 19th century named after Maria Ann (Granny) Smith (c1801–1870), who first produced such apples.