Definition of Gray code in English:

Gray code


  • A numerical code used in computing in which consecutive integers are represented by binary numbers differing in only one digit.

    ‘The standard remedy is an alternative to the ordinary binary numbers called a Gray code, which replaces the cliffs with gentler slopes.’
    • ‘He popularized the application of Gray codes to puzzle solving.’
    • ‘Unusual number system bases and Gray codes are described in detail in two chapters.’
    • ‘The gray code is sometimes referred to as reflected binary, because the first eight values compare with those of the last 8 values, but in reverse order.’
    • ‘The geometry is intriguing, and there are interesting connections with Gray codes and even with the I Ching, but I'm not so sure that biologists will find the concept useful.’


Gray code

/ˈɡrā ˈkōd/ /ˈɡreɪ ˈkoʊd/


1950s named after Frank Gray (1887–1969), American physicist.