Definition of Hebraism in English:



  • 1A Hebrew idiom or expression.

    ‘His idea was to make Moses seem more German by eliminating his Hebraisms to such an extent that no one would think of calling him a Hebrew.’
    • ‘Soon he is sprinkling his conversation with Hebraisms.’
  • 2The Jewish religion, culture, or character.

    ‘Matthew Arnold, writing in his celebrated work Culture and Anarchy, suggests that Hebraism and Hellenism are the two essential philosophies of life between which civilized man must choose.’
    • ‘The essence of Hebraism is the Bible, which has greatly influenced every field of western culture.’
    • ‘One cannot revert back to Hebraism.’
    • ‘His rejection of Hebraism is also dramatized in his confrontation with his soul.’
    • ‘It does not help us come to terms with Matthew Arnold to consider only his Hellenism and not his Hebraism, his ‘sweetness and light’ and not his moralism, his culture and not his religion.’



/ˈhēbrāˌizəm/ /ˈhibreɪˌɪzəm/


Late 16th century from French hébraïsme or modern Latin Hebraismus, from late Greek Hebraïsmos, from Hebraios (see Hebrew).