Main definitions of ist in English

: ist1IST2



informal, mainly derogatory
  • A follower of a distinctive practice, system, or philosophy, typically a political ideology or an artistic movement.

    • ‘you can't be born an ist’
    • ‘So long as the worst thing an ist does is to leave someone alone, there is no moral justification for using force against him.’
    • ‘Send some invitations to Libertarians, left-wingers, socialists, centrists, whatever ians and ists there are.’
    • ‘The adoption of isms and adherance to ists stunts development of free cognitive association, an essential and distinguishing attribute of creativity.’
    • ‘In our time, determinists, evolutionists, and other ists all like to suggest there is no such thing.’
    • ‘You see, those barbarians don't deserve the stature granted them by being thought of as ists who believe in an ism.’
    • ‘Quite simply, they are regarded as "ists" of the Latin American, Caribbean, African, or Asian variety.’
    • ‘Their response to legitimate questioning is name-calling, personal abuse, and invoking the bogeyman of the various isms and ists that seem to inhabit their hysterical world.’
    • ‘This study involves biologists, economists, physicists, ecologists, sociologists, and other ists, all concerned with what happens when autonomous agents interact.’
    • ‘What appears to critics as a homogeneous group of traditionalists, fundamentalists, and a host of other pejorative ists, were in fact disparate groups with divergent tendencies.’
    • ‘The campaign was led by the failed alcohol-prohibitionist, who was also a racist—perhaps the two ists go hand in hand.’



/ist/ /ɪst/

Main definitions of IST in English

: ist1IST2



  • Insulin shock therapy.