Definition of Indian red in English:

Indian red


  • A red ferric oxide pigment made typically by roasting ferrous salts.

    ‘Hartley favored a range of reds throughout his work, and many of the still-life arrangements are set against a ground of dark sienna or Indian red verging on black.’
    • ‘Iron oxides of varying composition (i.e., Spanish red, Indian red and Venetian red), cadmium selenide and select organic toluidines are the most popular red pigments.’
    • ‘The base colours yellow and Indian red are prepared from soft laterite while blue is made from the juice of indigo leaves and black from lamp-black.’
    • ‘Seen from the living room window there are great stretches of bare fields, Indian red under the sky.’
    • ‘Set against an Indian red field, they are painted the colour of a cloudy sky, dappled grey and white, so that we see them and see through them at the same time.’


Indian red

/ˈindēən red/ /ˈɪndiən rɛd/