Definition of Jansenism in English:



  • A Christian movement of the 17th and 18th centuries, based on Jansen's writings and characterized by moral rigor and asceticism.

    ‘Few would now dispute that Jansenism, originally an austere Augustinian movement, was one of the most significant intellectual influences of the age.’
    • ‘Bitter quarrels over the bull Unigenitus, promulgated in 1713 against Jansenism, lasted half a century, and only died down in the late 1760s.’
    • ‘Many who did believe were influenced by the heresy of Jansenism, which taught that human nature is depraved and that Jesus died to save only a chosen few.’
    • ‘Port-Royal supported Jansenism, a 17th century form of Augustinianism in the Catholic Church, which was in conflict with the Jesuits.’
    • ‘In the last two centuries much of northern Europe was affected by a movement called Jansenism.’



/ˈjansəˌnizəm/ /ˈdʒænsəˌnɪzəm/