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Jehovah's Witness

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  • A member of a Christian movement (the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society) founded in the US by Charles Taze Russell (1852–1916). Jehovah's Witnesses deny many traditional Christian doctrines and refuse military service and blood transfusion on religious grounds.

    ‘Several fundamentalist Christian churches such as the Jehovah's Witnesses condemn military service.’
    • ‘The medical community generally knows that Jehovah's Witnesses refuse blood transfusions.’
    • ‘Ever wondered how it is that religious groups such as Christian Science and the Jehovah's Witnesses object to medical science and the practice of performing autopsies?’
    • ‘In previous decades untold numbers of Jehovah's Witnesses loyally supported the bans on vaccines and organ transplants.’
    • ‘Muchacho believes Latinos, especially recently arrived immigrants, are more open to becoming Jehovah's Witnesses because they have a strong faith.’


Jehovah's Witness

/jəˌhōvəz ˌwitnis/ /dʒəˌhoʊvəz ˌwɪtnɪs/