Definition of Jezebel in English:


Pronunciation /ˈjezəˌbel/ /ˈdʒɛzəˌbɛl/ /ˈjezəb(ə)l/ /ˈdʒɛzəb(ə)l/

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proper noun

  • (fl. 9th century BC), a Phoenician princess, traditionally the great-aunt of Dido and in the Bible the wife of Ahab king of Israel. She was denounced by Elijah for introducing the worship of Baal into Israel (1 Kings 16:31, 21:5–15, 2 Kings 9:30–7). Her use of make-up was especially condemned by Puritan England.


  • A shameless or immoral woman.

    ‘Of course an actual woman can't live up to that one, but she can be condemned as a Jezebel or like the Whore of Babylon.’
    • ‘Casting her as a Jezebel deserving of punishment only plays into the view many women already have of their situations.’
    • ‘The overwhelming, centrifugal Jezebel seduced the singer.’
    • ‘Then an overall wearing reject would wander up to the Appalachian Jezebels and offer them a jug of moonshine for a little slap and tickle.’
    • ‘But while William Wyler focuses on women as redeemers, Doc scripts them as Jezebels.’
    • ‘The Jezebel is considered to be a sexually aggressive woman, portrayed as being ready and willing to respond to the master's beck and call without any resistance.’
    temptress, seductress, femme fatale, Delilah, man-eater
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