Definition of Johne's disease in English:

Johne's disease


  • A form of chronic enteritis in cattle and sheep, caused by a mycobacterium.

    ‘Producers advocated extending the dairy price program and developing better methods to assess Johne's disease in U.S. cattle.’
    • ‘In 1901, a Scottish surgeon postulated that the disease he observed in the human intestine might be the same as Johne's disease in cattle.’
    • ‘Some industry officials postulate that Johne's disease may be linked to a human intestinal disorder in called Crohn's disease.’
    • ‘In 2002 alone, 100 animals in 34 herds were diagnosed as having Johne's disease, with one entire herd being depopulated.’


Johne's disease

/ˈyōnəz diˌzēz/ /ˈjoʊnəz dɪˌziz/


Early 20th century named after Heinrich A. Johne (1839–1910), German veterinary surgeon.