Definition of Julia set in English:

Julia set


  • A set of complex numbers which do not converge to any limit when a given mapping is repeatedly applied to them. In some cases the result is a connected fractal set.

    ‘Yoccoz has developed a method of combinatorial study of Julia sets and Mandelbrot sets - called ‘Yoccoz puzzles ‘- which permit deep insight.’
    • ‘In 1980, Mandelbrot has discovered the set M of parameter values c for which Julia sets are connected.’
    • ‘The spectrum yields a classic fractal object called a Julia set.’
    • ‘Add to that the fact that the set serves as an index into the variety of Julia sets which, in turn, are classified according to the location of a single parameter inside the Mandelbrot set.’
    • ‘H Cremer produced an essay on his work which included the first visualisation of a Julia set.’


Julia set

/ˈjo͞olēə ˌset/ /ˈdʒuliə ˌsɛt/


1970s named after Gaston M. Julia (1893–1978), Algerian-born French mathematician.