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  • The sixth month of the year, in the northern hemisphere usually considered the first month of summer.

    ‘the roses flower in June’
    • ‘a June afternoon’
    • ‘The revamped books are to be released three at a time each month from June until December.’
    • ‘He added: ‘It's got to be one of the hottest Junes in recent years.’’
    • ‘In June this year, he ordered a crossbow with a laser targeting sight from the internet.’
    • ‘In June next year I will be free to talk to the third team or anyone else, but I try not to look ahead.’
    • ‘In June last year, she became so ill that her mother came from the country to take her home to die.’
    • ‘By June last year his studies were complete, but Tyrone had a lot of ground to make up.’
    • ‘The best time to do this job is between April and June, immediately after flowering.’
    • ‘There are thousands of orchids and other chalk downland flowers to see in June and July.’
    • ‘Indeed, the region was in the midst of one of its wettest Junes on record.’
    • ‘The council will hear about proposed schemes for the centre in its June cycle of meetings.’
    • ‘One June morning, Hunt places an imposing purple box on the worktable in his office.’
    • ‘In June the weather is nice and you can enjoy the long evenings to relax in the town after a hard day at the circuit.’
    • ‘The June meeting will be a visit to Conderton Pottery followed by a meal at the Yew Tree Inn.’
    • ‘Ballot boxes will be left to gather dust in the June elections, as every vote will be cast by post.’
    • ‘In June the country was praised for its disaster preparations in a Red Cross report.’
    • ‘In June I set up an inclusion unit to deal with people who do not fit the drug treatment system.’
    • ‘In June the sea was warm enough to swim in but the weather wasn't too hot for sightseeing.’
    • ‘In June they offered her a place to stay until she could get her life together, he said.’
    • ‘Stevens was jailed for three years and three months for the store raid last June.’
    • ‘They flower from March to June and disperse mature seeds from May to July in the second year.’



/jo͞on/ /dʒun/


Middle English from Old French juin, from Latin Junius (mensis) ‘(month) of June’, variant of Junonius ‘sacred to Juno’.