Definition of Key lime in English:

Key lime


  • A small yellowish lime with a sharp flavor.

    ‘It's the color produced by mixing the juice of Key limes with egg yolks, sweetened condensed milk and grated lime peel, then frothing and cooling the whole concoction.’
    • ‘Enrobed in fine chocolate are fillings infused with Tahitian vanilla bean, Key limes, lavender buds, Australian candied ginger, and more.’
    • ‘I prefer Key limes to Persian limes, but in the Greater Washington area they are often hard to find.’
    • ‘If you can't find Key limes in your local grocery store, Key lime juice is readily available on the Internet.’
    • ‘This is a very famous recipe from Florida, where a certain special variety of limes called Key limes are used.’
    • ‘How is it that you always made pies for the cousins, even if they visited when Key limes were out of season?’
    • ‘Supermarkets sell mostly Persian limes, which lack the unique and potent aroma of genuine Key limes.’
    • ‘If you have no access to Key limes for some of these recipes, try substituting half lime juice and half lemon juice for the required amount of Key lime juice.’
    • ‘The peak season for Key limes is June through August, so you can find this special fruit in your market now and use this delicious and easy pie recipe.’
    • ‘My future sis-in-law gave me a huge bag of Key limes over the weekend.’
    • ‘Any Key lime pie you've had that's green is either not from real Key limes, or it's been colored with green food coloring.’
    • ‘Outside Florida, Key limes can be hard to come by, except in specialty produce markets when the fruit is in season, from May through August.’


Key lime

/kē līm/ /ki laɪm/


Named after the Florida Keys.