Definition of Kurdish in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkərdiSH/ /ˈkərdɪʃ/

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  • Relating to the Kurds or their language.

    ‘There were no demands by the Kurdish parties or Sistani that he be captured immediately.’
    • ‘So far the Kurdish areas have been relatively quiet, with the exception of Kirkuk.’
    • ‘Has that been worked out, or is there still tension within the Kurdish community?’
    • ‘There is also a dispute about how much of the petroleum profits would stay in the Kurdish provinces.’
    • ‘There are people in the Kurdish community that would like to see an independent Kurdistan.’
    • ‘In those regions, the military banned the use of the Kurdish language and Kurdish names.’
    • ‘The bar itself was low, covered in Kurdish weavings, the walls covered by muslin.’
    • ‘The lowering of the death rate in the Kurdish areas is Cortright's final charge.’
    • ‘So you're likely looking for those with Kurdish language abilities, not Arabic.’
    • ‘Another significant change to the law permits private teaching courses in the Kurdish language.’
    • ‘The restrictions on the Kurdish language have been only minimally changed.’
    • ‘The explosions came only hours after the arrest of four Kurdish militants in the city, officials noted.’
    • ‘Those who are extremely vocal about Kurdish language rights do not fare so well, and sometimes face arrest.’
    • ‘At the receptions, appeals were made for more freedom of speech and legalisation of the Kurdish language.’
    • ‘Despite recent riots in the Kurdish areas and signs of labour unrest, Batebi is not very optimistic that change will arrive soon.’
    • ‘At her inauguration, she wore a headband decorated with the traditional Kurdish colours, yellow, green and red.’
    • ‘As Verheugen rightly warned, implementation of new laws on Kurdish language rights and on torture has been slow and patchy.’
    • ‘I also took my life in my hands by visiting a Kurdish barber.’
    • ‘I'd like to say it was because we deeply believed in the Kurdish cause, but actually we just wanted some good stories for the college bar.’
    • ‘The Kurdish insistence on federalism is having repercussions throughout the country.’


  • The Iranian language of the Kurds.

    ‘It remains a Kurdish stronghold with most people speaking Kurdish as their first language.’
    • ‘It will have two main languages, Arabic and Kurdish, and will be a federal state.’
    • ‘However, most Kurds raised in southeastern Turkey speak Kurdish as well as Turkish.’
    • ‘The court proceedings were relayed to Amin in Kurdish by an interpreter.’
    • ‘Shouts came as a Kurd legislator demanded the oath be read not only in Arabic but in Kurdish, as well.’
    • ‘We will also fund the development of the blogging tool in Farsi so it may be used in Iran and in Kurdish.’
    • ‘In 1988 he staged Mountain Language, a play about the banning of Kurdish in Turkey.’
    • ‘Turkey, for example, has abolished the death penalty and legalised broadcasts in Kurdish.’
    • ‘It will also lead to private TV and radio stations being allowed to broadcast in Kurdish.’