Definition of Leninism in English:



  • Marxism as interpreted and applied by Lenin.

    ‘They had an overly rigid interpretation of Marxism and Leninism.’
    • ‘Conservative opponents of revolutionary socialism also repeated the idea that Leninism and Stalinism were the same thing.’
    • ‘I have a very critical view about socialism, to say nothing of Leninism and Stalinism, but I have a great love for the Soviet Union.’
    • ‘Unlike the 1960s, when Marxism, Leninism and Maoism were fashionable, the urge for renewal this time came from the right side of the political scene.’
    • ‘He rejected the principles of Leninism and ‘proletarian dictatorship’, and he was so reluctant to infringe on liberal freedoms that he left enough space for his own destruction.’



/ˈlenənˌizəm/ /ˈlɛnənˌɪzəm/


Early 20th century named after Lenin (see Lenin, Vladimir Ilich).