Definition of Levite in English:



  • A member of the Hebrew tribe of Levi, especially of that part of it which provided assistants to the priests in the worship in the Jewish temple.

    ‘The Kohanim and Levites served in the Temple, and three times a year - during the holidays of Passover, Sukkot and Shavuot - all Jews were commanded to come to Jerusalem and visit the Temple.’
    • ‘It is preferable that the Sanhedrin contain Kohen-priests and Levites as members.’
    • ‘During this time, the Levites sang Hallel, repeating it several times until all had finished slaughtering.’
    • ‘May we soon see the Cohanim restored to their service, Levites on their Temple platform and Israelites at their places.’
    • ‘Everyone knows Moses entrusted the Torah to the Levites.’
    • ‘This is because the reconstruction of the temple would give control of the temple cult to the priests and Levites returning from exile.’
    • ‘Among others, we repeat the stirring words of the Levites at the consecration of the Second Temple.’
    • ‘The priest and the Levite who pass by unconcerned are the Old Testament law and prophets.’
    • ‘He smashes the idol, gathers loyal Levites around him and executes those responsible.’
    • ‘In Israel only one tribe could function in the service of the temple - the Levites.’
    • ‘This story is set as the man is going down from Jerusalem (note: away from the temple, not toward it) when he is ignored by the priest and the Levite, but shown compassion from the Samaritan.’
    • ‘How could a man who is not a Levite be a priest over Israel?’
    • ‘Interpretations that prevent us from extending this grace (as it did the Levite and priest) reveal the law's misuse as an instrument of death rather than life.’
    • ‘Fortunately I didn't bump into any priests, Levites or Samaritans.’
    • ‘If, like the priest and the Levite, 10 or 20 members of the public pass by the injured man without rendering assistance, which of them is responsible?’
    • ‘The princes of Israel brought a great assortment of gifts to the tabernacle and Aaron the priest cleansed all the Levites.’
    • ‘David's authority now stood behind the role of the Levites and the use of psalmody in worship.’
    • ‘The Rabbis took special care to preserve the genealogical records of the Levites because they were the priestly tribe.’
    • ‘A priest and a Levite ignored him but a Samaritan took pity on him and helped him.’
    • ‘The Levites served at the Tabernacle from age 30 to 50.’



/ˈlēˌvīt/ /ˈliˌvaɪt/


Middle English from late Latin levita, from Greek leuitēs, from Hebrew Lēwī ‘Levi’.