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nounplural noun Lotharios

  • A man who behaves selfishly and irresponsibly in his sexual relationships with women.

    ‘they are seduced by a handsome Lothario who gains control of their financial affairs’
    • ‘Housed in a magnificent villa, with a splendid garden, cool terrace bar and three dance floors inside, it's been attracting local Romeo's and Lotharios and wide-eyed tourists since the glorious days of La Dolce Vita.’
    • ‘As a result, many lead dual lives - they're partying Lotharios in D.C. and family men at home.’
    • ‘The only problem is that it can be hard to tell the politicos from the Lotharios.’
    • ‘A married Lothario dabbling in e-mail romances sounds like a gold-plated con man - hardly the answer to a maiden's prayers.’
    • ‘Until her retirement at 79, she supervised the Bluebells’ every performance (two shows a day, seven days a week) with military precision, while ferociously guarding their virtue from a stream of stage-door Lotharios.’
    • ‘It is another black-on-black exchange that also dispels the myth that all black men are Lotharios or that African American men and women do not have long-term relationships.’
    • ‘As talented vocal impressionists, they spoofed many identifiable targets, including rambling elder Jamaican characters, rap artists and smooth-talking Lotharios.’
    • ‘And when they hit 50, biology kicks in, propelling the greying Lotharios to either fall back in love with their wives or start over again with a younger trophy wife.’
    • ‘The downside, though, was that these were also the places where the disappointed Lotharios gathered, especially at the end of a long and unproductive Saturday night.’
    • ‘The middle one is a real Lothario, while the other one is very naive.’
    • ‘Intrigued and repulsed in equal measure, she allows herself to be brought back to the ageing Lothario's dingy hotel room where he lives ‘as a madman among madmen’.’
    • ‘And rumour of the long-necked Lothario's prowess spread fast.’
    • ‘Andreas plays ‘Zend,’ a commanding Dutchman with the passions of a Lothario and the soul of a poet.’
    • ‘The plot construction is a bit convoluted, but at the core it is the unlikely romance between the ageing Lothario and the formidable divorcee.’
    • ‘I just didn't feel that I had been asked to play a part that was a romantic Lothario, appearance-driven guy.’
    • ‘He had made a lot of eye contact at our first meeting and didn't seem like your average Lothario.’
    • ‘Despite his reputation as a Lothario there were those who said he was gay.’
    • ‘He's ridiculously modest about his Lothario image.’
    • ‘That was the first time that I suspected myself of being a gay and giddy Lothario.’
    • ‘Italian men, who have revelled in their reputation as hotblooded Lotharios, are no longer the lovers of legend, according to a survey of 1,200 men on the country's favourite beaches.’
    philanderer, ladies' man, playboy, rake, roué, loose-liver, Don Juan, Lothario, Casanova, Romeo



/lōˈTHerēō/ /loʊˈθɛrioʊ/ /lōˈTHärēō/ /loʊˈθɑrioʊ/


Mid 18th century from a character in Rowe's Fair Penitent (1703); the name had earlier been used in Spanish in Don Quixote (1605–15) by Cervantes.