Definition of mal in English:



informal South African
  • Crazy.

    • ‘we got chased off the road by this mal guy’
    • ‘Fans of the 27-year-old singer are going mal after she released a teaser.’
    • ‘This week is when it all went mal.’
    • ‘Everyone goes mal for this game, but why?’
    • ‘It was mal, a major rush to get that stuff in.’
    • ‘Most of the ones I know who "slid into darkness" and went mal have repented.’
    • ‘She shook her head at the rioters and said that they were mal.’
    • ‘It was mal, every day was an adventure.’
    • ‘He played the video during his set and the crowd went mal.’
    • ‘They went mal as the Springboks qualified for the Rugby World Cup final.’
    • ‘I used to look at the fisherman along there thinking they were mal.’



/mal/ /mæl/