Definition of MTF in English:



  • short for male-to-female (sense 2 of the adjective)

    ‘MTF transwomen’
    • ‘Many trans guys say they "pass" for their gender of choice easier than their MTF counterparts.’
    • ‘I have a few trans friends, mostly MTF.’
    • ‘Most are MTF (male to female), although a few are FTM (female to male).’
    • ‘While the term transgender applies to anyone who undergoes a shift from female to male (FTM) or male to female (MTF), most associate it with those who don female clothes or traits.’


  • short for male-to-female (noun)

    ‘the consensus is that there are equal numbers of FTMs and MTFs’
    • ‘I produced a short film a few years ago and my cinematographer was a transitioning MTF.’
    • ‘It would be really helpful for this thread, I think, if people could limit themselves to speaking about FTMs here, instead of discursively grouping MTFs and FTMs in the same basket.’
    • ‘I have never heard of MTFs asking for inclusion in men's-only spaces.’
    • ‘For MTFs to focus on physically passing as women rather than on overcoming unwitting vestiges of internalized masculinity and power and control sidesteps the real problems with gender - how we come to feel and think inside.’