Definition of Madame in English:


nounplural noun Mesdames/māˈdäm/ /-ˈdam/

  • 1A title or form of address used of or to a French-speaking woman.

    ‘Madame Bovary’
    • ‘‘James Madison, of the United States of America, at your service, Mesdames,’ he declared in halted French.’
    • ‘Not a sandwich au jambon and a carafe of Perrier, Madame, but a proper five-course French Lunch.’
    • ‘A little girl with a pink dress and haunting brown eyes shouted, ‘Madame, Madame,’ in hopes of a handout.’
    • ‘A woman who had been standing next to me called out, Madame!’
    • ‘Among themselves, women at the office never used a colleague's last name without preceding it with the title Madame.’
    1. 1.1Used as a title for women in artistic or exotic occupations, such as musicians or fortune-tellers.
      ‘Madame Eva bent once more over the crystal ball’
      • ‘Believe that Madame L. told fortunes for a living.’
      • ‘The plot is thus: Madame Fate, a mysterious fortune teller, has foreseen her own death through her crystal ball with only 24 hours before the allotted hour.’
      • ‘Cleo has her fortune read by Tarot card reader, Madame Irma.’
      • ‘Madame Zelda won't tell Ralph his fortune, but she told Alice that she'll be coming into some money.’
      • ‘Why had Madame Rostropov, the real fortune teller, picked tonight not to turn up?’



/ˈmadəm/ /ˈmædəm/ /məˈdäm/ /məˈdɑm/


French; compare with madam.