Definition of March Madness in English:

March Madness


  • The time of the annual NCAA college basketball tournament, generally throughout the month of March.

    • ‘Ncaa basketball's March Madness is only a few months away (I think it starts in April).’
    • ‘Another sport, basketball, has one period that is also especially big for beer, Patrick finds, the NCAA tournament or March Madness.’
    • ‘General interest in teams wanes, unlike in college basketball, where March Madness creates recognizable teams and players out of the little guys.’
    • ‘Everyone talks about March Madness in college basketball.’
    • ‘Until late February starts the drumbeat for March Madness, college basketball suffers from a national identity crisis.’
    • ‘College basketball's championship tournament is known as March Madness, but things really get crazy in the business of amateur hoops in July.’
    • ‘Then there is March Madness, the one-loss-and-you're out NCAA Tournament, which is unmatched in its excitement and intensity in the entire sports universe.’
    • ‘The emotional highs and lows, the busted brackets - no one can blame you if college basketball season becomes one big blur by the time March Madness is over.’
    • ‘To put them out on the eve of March Madness is a major risk, especially considering the tournament provides the NCAA with more than 90 percent of its operating budget.’
    • ‘Additional versions of the ads will appear during the NBA All-Star Game and March Madness, the two preeminent basketball events of the year.’
    • ‘And because March Madness is a collegiate event, it ensures that the passion will not be lost amongst the fans.’
    • ‘Is it too early to get psyched for March Madness?…’
    • ‘You could wind down, let all that postseason drama fade away and focus on upcoming events, like the NBA All-Star game, March Madness and spring training.’
    • ‘But here are a few others who were caught up in hockey's version of March Madness last week and have renewed opportunity with another team.’
    • ‘Just as March Madness draws to a close, student athletes will again be the center of national attention, this time for their academic and civic achievement.’
    • ‘Matchups will drive you mad during March Madness.’
    • ‘It wasn't March Madness, but it's doubtful there ever has been a better two-day stretch in November for college basketball.’
    • ‘But wouldn't it be wonderful - wouldn't it be the stuff that makes March Madness the glorious madness it is?’
    • ‘Considering it's the heart of March Madness and closing in on opening day in baseball, I'll give the Vegas boys a break on the time delay.’
    • ‘No surprise, the vast majority wanted to rip me for even suggesting that the NBA playoffs could compare with March Madness.’