Definition of Martinmas in English:



  • St. Martin's Day, November 11.

    ‘These days, the equivalent dates in Scotland are Martinmas, Candlemas, Whitsunday and Lammas.’
    • ‘And from Martinmas until Easter he must lie at his lord's fold as often as it is his turn.’
    • ‘It is not related to any particular religious festival but coincides with the Hindu festival of lights, Diwali, and the Christian festival of Martinmas.’
    • ‘This essay will explore both the feast and the season of Martinmas as interdependent phenomena, both under the aegis of the great bishop of Tours.’
    • ‘Early Tudor literary references to the celebration and the ambience of Martinmas are few but telling.’



/ˈmärtnməs/ /ˈmɑrtnməs/