Definition of Mesdames in English:


plural noun

  • 1

    plural form of Madame

  • 2 formal Used as a title to refer to more than one woman simultaneously.

    ‘prizes were won by Mesdames Carter, Roseby, and Barrington’
    • ‘I'm fairly sure I wouldn't thank any of my friends for being that familiar with me and are the Mesdames T & S really oblivious to the whole pretend-lesbian subtext of their interactions?’
    • ‘Thank you for your kind admittances, Mesdames.’
    • ‘‘James Madison, of the United States of America, at your service, Mesdames,’ he declared in halting French.’
    • ‘Tea was provided by Mesdames H. Collins and Gare.’
    • ‘Your next stop, Messieurs and Mesdames takes you to Chile.’
    • ‘The play is God's gift to women and Mesdames Marie-Claire and Sandra don't half take their chance and flaunt it.’
    • ‘So, Mesdames and Messiurs, the victim of the events of the past week is not the EU itself, nor the social model of Western Europe.’
    • ‘While we were waiting we ordered soft drinks for the Mesdames, while I asked for a beer.’



/māˈdäm/ /meɪˈdɑm/