Definition of National Socialism in English:

National Socialism

Pronunciation /ˌnæʃənl ˈsoʊʃəˌlɪzəm/

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  • The political doctrine of the Nazi Party of Germany.

    See Nazi

    ‘What we oppose is statism, whether it's called Bolshevism, National Socialism, Fascism, Fabianism, or New Dealism.’
    • ‘Would anyone in this country be allowed to serve at the highest level of government while arguing that National Socialism in Germany represents a period of worthy nostalgia?’
    • ‘With the rise of National Socialism in Germany, the Nazis closed down the Bauhaus in Dessau in 1932.’
    • ‘German National Socialism and the Second World War are included in the curriculum of almost every school in the world - and certainly of every German school.’
    • ‘Vatican diplomacy confronted two nasty phenomena: German National Socialism and Soviet communism.’